Founder: A. Prof Ir Dr Ahmad 'Athif Mohd Faudzi

Welcome to my laboratory! On this website you can read all about my laboratory activities as well as seeing research project and all the publications of our research. Contact me << >> for more information.

Research Focus


Exoskeleton, Myo hand, Flexible bronchoscopy, Heart Phantom

Smart Actuator

Pneumatic Actuator, Hydraulic Actuator

Soft Actuator

Hand Rehabilitation, Soft Robotic Fin


Fish fin robot, ROV, Wheel Explorer, Kinect, Control Algorithm


We have successfully completed over 30 projects in actuation, automation and robotics. Here are a few of them..

A2Lab News

CAIRO Open Day 2015

Centre Artificial Intelligent and Robotics (CAIRO) was organize Open Day on 10 August 2015 at UTM Kuala Lumpur. Two agenda was held which are Exh

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