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Welcome to Our Group, Iwata!

Welcoming Iwata

Welcome to our group, Iwata!

Starting from 23rd October 2013, Kazuhiro Iwata, a PhD student from Okayama University, Japan was attached with our group for three months. The purposes of the attachment are to have an experience and sharing the expertise from both universities; Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and Okayama University. We are glad to have Iwata here. Welcome to our group!

In 23rd and 24th November, Prof Koichi Suzumori (Iwata’s supervisor) accompany with Associate Prof Takefumi Kanda, come to our university to give some talks and discussion about the research update. After that we bring them for sightseeing around Johor.

welcoming iwata 1

Dinner time at Johor Bahru

iwata 3

At the peak of University Teknologi Malaysia; known as ‘Balai Cerap’