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Visit to AMMC, UTHM


We made a visit to Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Centre (AMMC) in UTHM, Batu Pahat, Johor on 7th January 2015. The main objective of the visit is to give exposure and awareness to the students on research and facility available in AMMC as well as to build any possible networking with AMMC.

During the visit,PM Dr. Md. Saidin, the head of the centre showed us several labs and machines related to the manufacturing such as the CNC Electric discharge machining (EDM) machines, miling machine, and fused deposition modelling printer. He also introduced us to 4 clusters under AMMC which are Sustainable Manufacturing and Recycle Technology (SMART) cluster, Sustainable Polymer cluster, Integrated Materials and Process cluster, and Additive Manufacturing and Eco Sustainable Solution cluster.

We would like to thank the centre and PM Dr. Md. Saidin especially for welcoming us and showing us around.

More picture on our facebook: Actuator and Automation Lab UTM

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Congratulations to ‘Dr’ Khairuddin Osman!


Congratulations to Khairuddin Osman! He passed his PhD viva with correction on 4 January 2015. His is doing research on Intelligent Controller Design for Pneumatic Actuator System

Viva Pass Khairuddin