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A2Lab received NC, TNCPI and IJN Director Visit

NC Visit 1

On 21st August 2015, Vice Chancellor (NC), Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) and IJN Director visit have visited Fakulti of Biosciences and Medical Engineering (FBME), including A2Lab. The main purpose of the visit is to observed the research and technology developed by faculty members.

In our laboratory, we shows our projects such as Finger Asisst System using Soft Actuator, ROV underwater cleaner, TURNO, Myo Hand, 3D Printer product, Fish Fin, Wheel Explorer and several other projects.

 NC Visit 2

NC Visit 3

Reporter : Muhammad Zulhelmi Kamarudin

Industrial Visit to FLEXTRONICS


Flextronics International Ltd. (simply known as Flex or Flextronics) is an international supply chain solutions company that offers design, manufacturing, distribution and aftermarket services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It is the second largest global Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS), Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) company by revenue. Flextronic have many branch to asamble the componet. In this visit, we are focus on flextronic that place in tanjung pelepas in johor bahru.


At the end of this visit, we are able to :

  • 1) How does the company able to mantain the quality of the circuit bord in the large amount of the demand with various type of circuit board.
  • 2) How does the circuit board being assamble in the plant
  • 3) To have experience see it on how do they working in assamble line.


Flextronics 2

Description of visit:

Around 10 am, all of us are arive at tanjung pelepas. Before that, we need to able pass the border of the tanjung pelepas. Because of some problem that we face, all of us stuck at the border about 1 hour for verification process in oder to enter the port. After all of the problem has been settled, we are able to enter the border and finally arrive to the flextronics company.

At the flextronics, Dr. Mohamed Sultan Mohamed Ali as our tour guide has welcoming us and bring us to the meeting room for the short breffing. He talk about the company and the product of the company that bring profit to the company. Before we all able to enter the plant, all of us need to wear an special jacket. The reason is to prevent the electric static from our body from their bord to ensure the quality of the board.

For the new technician, the flextronics provide a special room for training on asembley the product to reduce the human error. This approach is crucial to mantain the quality of the thousand of electronic circuit borad. They really to not want to lost of their profit because of this problem.

In the plant, Dr. Mohamed Sultan Mohamed Ali bring us to the asembley line. There are 2 type of the asemble line which is for small scale and large scale. For the large scale they have to setup the plant acording to the specification board that required by customer.  The coutomer will deal with the flextronics and disscus on many things until they have the deal from both of them, until then the plant will be setup for the production process.

The flextronics have deal with many company. One of the company that made the deal to asamble their product into the flextronics is Dyson wich is known as the maker of first fan without blade.  The also have a systematic storage part that required for current product assamble. By this, the production of the product will be faster. To make the company profit boost up, they also place an oder of an AGV to make their work more efficient and more productive.

Next, they also have a special department that required material design. Their job is to find the ansewer onn why the board have tis problem. During our visit, they are about to prepare new product to be assamble. This is an opetunity to us to see how they manage to setting the line for new product absemble. We certainly very grateful to the flextronics company because they are willing to spend time with us and shared their knowledge. As a token of gratitude from UTM, a little souvenir has been given to the Dr. Mohamed Sultan Mohamed Ali as representator and the tour guide of flextronics as a memento from us.

Faculty visit from UiTM Pasir Gudang

Assalamualaikum and Good day.

On 12th August 2015, A2Lab is received a visit of 30 students and 4 lecturers from Universiti Teknologi Mara Pasir Gudang. The objectives of the visit are to expose students with current technology and share ideas and creativities in engineering and medical application.

Students are divided into 4 groups and each group is moved to different laboratories in Fakulti of Biosciences and Medical Engineering (FBME), including A2Lab, and they are rotated after half an hour. In our laboratory, we shows our projects such as Finger Asisst System using Soft Actuator, ROV underwater cleaner, TURNO, Myo Hand, 3D Printer product, Fish Fin, Wheel Explorer and several other projects.




Reporter : Muhammad Zulhelmi Kamarudin

A2Lab at Sekolah Menengah Islam Hidayah

Actuator & Automation Laboratory (A2RG) went to Sekolah Menengah Islam Hidayah on 12 August 2015. The objectives of this event is to give basic knowledge of new technology and expose students and teachers with modern technology. We get some feedback from them for further improvement.



Industrial Visit to SEW EURO-DRIVE



SEW-Eurodrive is a German manufacturing company founded by Christian Pähr in 1931 as Süddeutsche Elektromotoren Werke. Today, it is an international organization that manufactures geared motors, frequency inverters and servo drives employing over 15,000 people worldwide with annual sales in excess of €2.4 billion.

Based in Bruchsal in Southern Germany they have manufacturing assembly and service centres throughout the world. SEW Are leaders in decentralised control technology, with products such as Movimot, Movigear, Moviswitch, and Movitrans. In addition they have moved into the large industrial gearbox market with their range of helical, bevel helical, and planetary gearboxes.

Visit Objectives

At the end of this visit, we are able to :
1) Learn how to choose proper motor for our upcoming project.
2) Know the enviroment world of works with other.
3) Able to gain knowledge and experience how they assamble motor .


Description of the visit

A short briefing presented by Mr. Rahim about the visiting practice that need to be followed during the tour at the Sew Eurodrive factory, where 16 people have been involved in the program fully supervised by him whom act as the chairmain of the secretariat and lead by Dr Athif.

Around 10 am we finally arrived at the factory and our arrival was welcomed by SEW Eurodrive staffs. We were then taken into the meeting room for a short bried about the company which mainly based in Germany.During the briefing session, they have explained several kinds of products they made in their company such as various type of electrical motors, electrical motor control and programmable logic gate (PLC).

During the session, a lot of information shared by the SEW to us as guest visitors. The company also invited two industrial trainee to share tiehr experiences during their work in the company. Personality of an individual is a very important aspect to ensure the company is capable in any circumstances. We took the oppoturnity to talk and exchange and shared information as well as our point of view between UTM and the SEW. There were a lot of information that can be shared which can benefits both party.

Next, the SEW showed to us several motor to be tested and they clarify us with the knowledge on how to choose the motor properly. We saw it ourselves how the electrical motor works and there are plenty of motor with different types, sizes and specification which depend on the purpose of the motor itself.


CAIRO Open Day 2015

Centre Artificial Intelligent and Robotics (CAIRO) was organize Open Day on 10 August 2015 at UTM Kuala Lumpur. Two agenda was held which are Exhibition and Meeting with CAIRO members. Actuator & Automation Laboratory (A2RG) represent few project which are Finger Assist System, Wheel Explorer(WEX) and Myo Hand.

Cairo Open Day 1

Cairo Open Day 2

Cairo Open Day 3