Bedsore Prevention System (TURNO)

Turno Machine


TURNO is a turning operated bedsores prevention system for hospitals. Bedsore also called pressure ulcer caused by the lying or sitting down on the same position that cause poor blood circulation. The constant pressure against a particular area of the body caused bedsore. It is commonly found in bedridden patients, like neurologic disorder, coma, post-operation or paralyzed.

TURNO used the system by lifting and turning operation, enhanced by actuator motion to relief patient’s skin pressure automatically. It operates by gently turn the patient in bed. TURNO brings the advantages of reduce staff turnover, increase patient health by reducing the risk of bedsore and also reduce manpower in order to turn a patient manually.


Turno Machine

Conventional method of prevention bedsore is by manually turning of the patient in every two hours. TURNO can effectively reduce manpower and workload of nurses, because it can automatically operate on the fixed period effortlessly.

This project is in mutual research collaboration with Johor Specialist Hospital, they provide advice and suggestion to refine the product performance to meet standard medical compliance.