Controllable Hydraulic Actuator


The development of Controllable Hydraulic Actuator (CHA) involves the construction of the hydraulic cylinder, the modeling process and proposal of control algorithm.  CHA system consists of combination of electro-hydraulic actuator (EHA), hydraulic cylinder and a position sensor. The aims is to control position of the hydraulic actuator using a low-cost on-off valve.

The flow of the procedure starts with experiment setup, model structure, estimation and validation of the model. Although the system is a nonlinear model, a linear model such as the ARX is chosen as it is much simpler and it can represent the real system with a satisfactory level of precision and accuracy of the developed model. Based on the transfer function analysis and model validation of the system, a controller was proposed to control the position of the cylinder is the Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) controller optimized with a Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm.

The controller was tested through simulation and experimental testing to validate the proposed system and it is found that the CHA system can be control better by using the PID with PSO controller than a bang-bang controller.