Position tracking system for 3D ultrasound imaging

Ultrasound machine

For the past few decades, 3-dimensional (3D) ultrasound imaging has becoming popular as it helps to improve the qualitative and quantitative information of the ultrasound image. The ultrasound imaging brings several advantages such as producing real-time images without radiation exposure and strong magnetic field.

Ultrasound imaging is also a low-cost solution in obtaining 3-D medical images. The scanning method for 3D ultrasound imaging can be divided into three categories: mechanical localizer, 2D arrays and freehand techniques. The freehand technique is regarded as the most flexible scanning method as it has no constraint on the scanning area. The position tracking technology progression is nowadays growing tremendously since the vast development of sensors and computational system, also with the high market demand in many applications.

Our system consists of manipulator, spherical joint and prismatic or sliding joint. The position of the end effector will be calculated based on forward kinematics of the manipulator and the sensor is used for determining the orientation of the manipulator. By combining both position and orientation from the system, we can know the location of ultrasound probe, thus this location will be used in 3D reconstruction of the ultrasound image.