Postgraduate Members

(A) PhD

  1. Ili Najaa Aimi NordinSoft Exoskeleton Utilizing Soft Actuator Performing Passive Range of Motion Exercise to Stroke Patient
  2. Muhammad Rusydi Muhammad RazifDevelopment of A Soft Robotic Fin based on Fish Locomotion using Soft Actuator
  3. Tariq RahmanSoft Actuator Based Manipulation for Endoscopy
  4. Alaa A. AbuZaiter Integration of Shape-Memory-Alloy Actuator and Its Application As Micromanipulator
  5. Siti Fatimah – System Identification, Estimation and Controller Design of an Intelligent Pneumatic Actuator (IPA) System
  6. M. Q. Rizqie – Image Guided Lung Cancer Bronchoscopic Biopsy Using Multimodalities Data Fusion


  1. Mohd Ridzuan Johary Development of Motion Simulator Platform Using Intelligent Pneumatic Actuator System
  2. Muhaimin Mohd Fadzil – Development of Manipulator-Inertial Based Position Tracker for 3D Ultrasound Imaging
  3. Rino Ferdian – Robotic Steering of Bronchoscopes Using Soft Actuator
  4. Dolwin Ching Ching Kho – Development of Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) Probe Remote Positioning Control Unit
  5. Tham Weng Kit – Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis on Biomimetic Soft Actuator based bionic ribbon fin locomotion
  6. Wong Liang Xuan – 3 Revolute-Prismatic-Spherical (RPS) Parallel Manipulator Platform using Electro-Hydraulic Actuators (EHA)
  7. M. R. Abdul Kadir – Design and Development of Laminectomy Device for Multimodality Image-guided Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery
  8. S SchroeterLumbar Phantom for Image-guided Minimally Invasive Laminectomy Training
  9. N. S. Bt Mohd Yusof – Mathematical and Physical Models of Dynamic Lung Phantom
  10. T. Feldervert – ECG Heart Phantom Synchronization for Ultrasound-Computed Tomography Image Fusion
  11. S. Rizam Samsury – Benefits and Pitfalls of Spatio-Temporal Image Correlation (STIC) on Fetal Echocardiography