TEE Remote Positioning Control Unit

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Transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) has improved visualization of cardiac structures and information and being helpful in the process of surgical decision making since its existence. It is a semi invasive procedure requiring the presents of physician for handling the probe manually by using both hands.

The existing TEE device poses several drawbacks related to radiation exposure and ergonomics during its activity in the catheterization and interventional surgical procedures due to the parallel utilization of fluoroscopic machines and lengthy session of operation. The proposed system, namely Wireless Probe Controller (WPC) is used to control the echocardiography probe tip in a remote manner.

The proposed controller consisted of a motorized probe holder which gripping the TEE device and interacting wirelessly with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) which controls the position of the probe tip. Being able to be controlled wirelessly, the TEE probe tip may be maneuvered at a distance away from or outside of the surgical room. WPC is a new method for controlling echocardiography probe with reduced level of radiation dosage and improved ergonomics.